Self-Care in the Time of Covid-19

Self-Care in the Time of Covid-19

Necessity is the mother of invention

A classic Jamaican saying is, "Tun yuh han' mek fashion," which loosely translates to, "take what you have and use it to create something amazing!"This ability was borne out of the fact that enslaved Africans in the "New World" were not given access to many items or ingredients they needed to create the things they wanted to make or cook. This led to some innovative ways of using what they did have access to. Nothing says innovation and creativity to me like, "Tun yuh han' mek fashion".

Creativity in a time of crisis

The questions now are, have you taken this concept of creativity and innovation to the next level during this global crisis, and if so, how? 

Many of us have been forced to become more self sufficient, having lost access to our usual pampering and self-care resources, like beauty salons, spas, nail salons, massage services, gyms, or even the occasional dine out experience.  

As a result, we came up with different (albeit not new) ways of keeping our bodies, minds and souls healthy through out this global crisis, while still managing to stay connected in the midst of social distancing.

We made weights out of everyday household items, such as bricks, raided the pantry and the fridge for DIY skincare treatments, made amazing masks out of fabric, lit candles, burned sage and palo santo and meditated on IG and Facebook Live, worked out, or partied, with friends on Zoom or IG Live parties, among other things, in order to stay connected. 

Self-Care and Skincare during Quarantine

Since skincare is my area of expertise, and the resulting stress from being quarantined so many hours a day (with the same people) could wreak havoc on the skin, I went full tilt with my skincare routine, using Karibu365 products. 

Here are some suggestions of how you can continue to practice self-care at home in this time of full, and semi-quarantine, using some Karibu365 products you may already have, or intend to purchase:


Many of us had our last mani/pedi weeks ago and have since lost most, if not all of our nail extensions. Whether you had fancy nails or just a simple manicure/pericure, our nails are badly in need of some TLC. Try these tips to get them back in tip top shape.

Apply some Karbiu365 Moroccan Beldi (to your filed nails) hands/feet and soak in warm water (3-5 minutes for hands, 10-15 minutes for feet). Put some Epson, Magnesium, Sea or Pink Salt in pedicure water for extra benefits. Use a pumice stone to exfoliate feet if necessary. Push cuticles back gently, then apply some KIINI Facial Oil to cuticles/hands, or Karibu365 Shea Butter, to feet, and you are done with your at home mani/pedi! Always have the Keep it Clean Travel Kit handy with our 5 star Sanitizer, Gel Soap and Shea Butter, to keep your hands clean and soft without drying them out.

Full Body Spa Shower Treatment 

Even though many of us didn't frequent the spa pre-quarantine for full body treatments, there no reason you shouldn't include this in your at home papmer/self-care ritual.

Use a Soap Cube to do your normal shower ritual. Apply directly to wet skin to form a cleansing later, then rinse. Alternately, for a more pampering shower experience, apply K365 Moroccan Beldi (Body version) to your entire body before getting into the shower. Turn on water to hottest setting and let the steam fill the bathroom. Step into the shower and allow the steam to saturate your skin. Follow with either an exfoliation glove, loofah, or any Karibu365 Body Scrub to complete the full Spa Treatment. Follow with Karibu35 Shea Butter or body oil.while skin is still damp, if desired. You will have soft, hydrated and moisturized skin for the gods!

Karibu Beldi Facial

The Karibu Beldi Facial has become a popular way to do a spa worthy facial at home. Do a facial steam with the Karibu365 Botanical or Herbal Facial Steam (see previous blog on facial steaming). Begin with 2 minute steam on cleansed face. Follow with a small pea sized amount on face, after drying with a towel, avoiding eyes. Repeat steam for 5-7 minutes, while breathing the amazing aroma in through the nose and out through the mouth, with eyes closed. Use towel to wipe eyes to avoid Beldi getting into them. Use washrag, facial loofah or Konjac sponge to massage your face with the Beldi. Rinse well (use steam water if it is cooled enough, or add some water to cool it down). Hydrate with KIINII Face Mist and moisturize with KIINI Facial Oil.

Bath Ritual 

After completing your full Beldi Facial, pour the Facial steam water, including botanicals if desired, into the bathtub. Add some Magnesium Bath Salts and soak for 10-15 minutes. Optionally, you may add some essential oils, or a few drops of oil to emerge from the bathtub with Silky Soft skin for the next few days.

Tell us how you did 

Try these simple ways of using your All Natural Karibu365 products in your at home self-care routine and let me know what you think. Come back soon to find out how you can care for your hair to keep it healthy, strong and shiny naturally, at home!

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