A Sanitizer that Moisturizes? Karibu365 DID THAT!

A Sanitizer that Moisturizes? Karibu365 DID THAT!

If you had been asked to guess in 2019 what body part would be trending in 2020, would you have guessed HANDS? Probably not!
In recent years the focus has been on Breasts, Lips, Butts - but hands? Who woulda thunk it!
Let's not even venture into skincare products. From hyaluronic Acid, to chemical peels, and micro needling to derma-planing, skincare fads ran the gamut in 2019. The "lowly" sanitizer was never in the race, and has been taken for granted all these years. Sitting on the sidelines, like the understudy who knows the entire script, but has no true hope of taking center stage, hopelessly waiting for their time to shine.

The hand sanitizer was a thing for kindergarten and grade school classrooms, and free promotional items emblazoned with a company’s brand name. Relegated to the bottom desk drawer, reached for only if you had to shake hands with a sweaty palmed client. Why? Because germs spread so easily among children, and well, it was a cheap and fairly useful promotional product.

Not anymore!
Many people, like myself, did not use hand sanitizers. Why not? Because I opted to wash my hands as often as possible. Another reason was the sanitizers of old smelled like 75% synthetic chemicals mixed with 25% fragrances and dried out your hands to boot! But now...

As a brand, Karibu365 has always focused on providing quality products that keep you coming back for more. We are a skincare brand that keeps you, and Mother Nature in mind - ALWAYS.
With the 2019/2020 worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, we resisted making hand sanitizers, because we did not want to join the throngs of already existing brands that made the same chemical and fragrance laden options that left your hands literally crying out for moisture.
Karibu365's Moisturizing Sanitizer *Limited Edition Flask*
We wanted to keep all our products, including our sanitizer, to the same high standards we started with, and intend to maintain.
Skimping on ingredients is not in our vocabulary. We decided that a sanitizer with hydrating/moisturizing qualities was the way to go. As such, we created a sanitizer that, while it contains more than the CDC recommended 60% alcohol, would LITERALLY be skincare for your hands! Is that even possible though? Yes, it is. Can this even be done? Yes, we did! And everyone who has tried it LOVES it!
Of course, washing your hands is always the first choice when it comes to proper hygiene. We've been making moisturizing foaming hand soap for a long time now. We get it. It's not possible to carry a functional sink around in your purse, or even your car! But, who wants to fill their purse or bag, or pocket up with sanitizer, lotion, wipes... all the necessities for our new normal, PLUS as the other things we still need? 
Karibu365's Moisturizing Sanitizer is all you need. Packaged in a handy 2 oz bottle for your on the go needs, and an 8 oz refill, because, we promise, you wont want to run out!

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