Frequently Asked Questions


Are Karibu365 products vegan?

Karibu365 products are handmade from 100% natural ingredients, many of which are vegan. We do use honey and beeswax in some products, which would make them vegetarian friendly. All products are manufactured in a facility where honey and beeswax are used. 

Are Karibu365 products hypoallergenic? 

Everyone’s skin type is beautiful, but also different. Please review ingredients online carefully to ensure they contain no known personal allergens prior to purchasing. Also, it is important to conduct a skin patch test 24 hours prior to using any product. The inside of the elbow or behind the knee is recommended. Product ingredients are most up to date online.

Where do you source ingredients?

We are committed to supporting companies that operate with sustainable, fair-trade practices who also provide the freshest possible ingredients. Our sources range from small independent farmers to larger cooperatives that obtain most of their ingredients from organic and/or wildcrafted sources. Our ingredients are predominantly sourced from within the United States. We always ensure our strict ethics align with those we source from.

How do you define Natural?

Natural for us is anything that is used in its original form, as it is sourced from mother nature, or encounters minimal processing to render it into a usable state. This includes, but is not limited to plant material in their fresh, or dried form, cold pressed oils and butters, heat extracted oils and butters, or steam distillation. Most of our products are food grade, or considered safe for use in or around the mouth.

Are your products GMO and Soy-free?

All products intended for use on the Skin are GMO and Soy-Free.

How do you recommend using the products?

We recommend using all the facial products in the following order for maximum benefits: 

    Cleanse, Steam, Mask, Mist, Oil. 

    On a daily basis, we recommend the following:

      Cleanse, Mist, Oil

      For a self care ritual, we recommend:

        Light a palo santo stick on a fire safe plate, and prepare for some intentional self care. Fill the bathtub with warm water while completing the cleanse and facial steam steps. Use some of the facial steam water to mix the mask, and apply before getting into the bathtub. Sprinkle some bath salts or bomb sprinkles into the water and immerse yourself while waiting for the mask to dry. Soak for no more than 15-20 minutes. Use the remaining facial steam water to rinse the mask off. Rinse with plain warm water if additional rinsing is needed.

        If you are completing your morning ritual, please do not forego SPF.  Apply after the facial oil, but before makeup, unless using makeup that already includes SPF, in which case, apply facial oil, then apply makeup for a fresh, dewy glow.

        Do the products contain SPF?

        No. The SPF contained inside our products is negligible, and limited only to the natural SPF inherent in the raw ingredients naturally. We do not add SPF ingredients at the moment, and these products should not be assumed to offer any sun protection. Please, always use SPF before going outside while the sun is up.  

        Do the products contain anti-aging or skin lightening ingredients?

        At Karibu365, we believe all ages and skin complexions are beautiful! We do not include ingredients purported to slow or reduce the signs of aging, nor alter your natural complexion in any way. We are FOR healthy skin at any age, for any race. Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin, period! 

        Why does my product appear slightly different in appearance, even though the ingredients are the same?

        All products are handmade in small batches, and even the same type of ingredients may vary from batch to batch, depending on the source. While the color and texture may vary, the benefits will remain the same.

        Are the products safe for use for pregnant women or small children?

        As always, pregnant women should take care in what they use topically. Please check all ingredients and consult a physician if you have any questions. With regard to small children, we do use small amounts of essential oils in some of our products. Always use caution when applying products to small children that contain essential oils. It is advisable to conduct a patch test whenever using any new product on your skin.

        Are Karibu365 products for men or women?

        At Karibu365, we do not make products with gender in mind. Our products are suitable for anyone with a desire to have healthy skin, naturally.