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Mi granny used to seh...

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Experience a piece of Jamaican culture with the "Mi granny used to seh" cards featuring old time sayings.

Share laughs and wisdom while learning about traditional Jamaican expressions by playing games with these cards.

Perfect for game night or as a unique gift for friends and family. Appropriate for children and adults. Unleash the fun and nostalgia now! 

Thirty one (31) colorful cards with ol' time Jamaican sayings from "mi granny' packaged in a sturdy cardboard box. Box set also includes a brochure with game suggestions that can be played with the cards, such as Bingo, Charades, Drawing games, etc.:

Benefits of this gorgeous box set are:

1. Preservation of Language:

2. Connecting Generations:

3. Passing down wisdom & cultural identity

Bingo cards below provided for your enjoyment: